About Us

LifeBond Foundation Guarantee Limited was established in the year 2021, as a Non-Profit Charitable Organization committed to serve the Sri Lankan Muslims worldwide. LifeBond Matrimony is a project of LifeBond Foundation and aims to facilitate successful marriages within our community.

Our mission is based on the Quranic injunction in Surah Noor, verse 32 where Allah (swt) commands us to “marry off the unmarried “- implying it is a social responsibility to help the unmarried to marry.

LifeBond Matrimony has plans to offer pre and post marital counselling, match making services as well as personal counselling and legal aid in matrimonial matters. LifeBond matrimony hopes to work in partnership with reputed social service organisations to broaden its operations within our local communities in SriLanka as well as to increase our reach globally.

Our Story

Before 2017,Realising the advantage of using social media in facilitating marriage proposals, groups of young professionals and social activists, started offering free matrimonial services through facebook and whatsapp under different names such as Happy Hearts, slnikah and srilankannikah.

In the year 2017, AlKafala Foundation,under the leadership of Alhaj. S. L. M. Fausz,invited these groups to collaborate to form a web based free matrimonial service.This resulted in the formation of NikahLanka.


By the Grace of Allah,NikahLanka was able to steadfastly serve the Sri Lankan Muslim community for the last 5 years,by hosting more than 6,000 profiles of eligible Sri Lankan Muslim brides and grooms based within the island as well as in foreign countries. We have successfully facilitated more than a 1,000 marriages Alhamdulillah !

Nikahkanka to LifeBond

The years 2020-21 saw NikahLanka at a crossroad and facing three main challenges to continue it’s services to the community :

  1. Long term Financial sustainability
  2. Our vision to broaden the services to include pre and post marriage counselling, marriage reconciliation and legal aid.
  3. Confusion caused in the minds of the public due to several other matrimonial websites using the word NIKAH, resulting in people accusing us for the misdeeds of others

To overcome these challenges,we decided to incorporate a guarantee company with a unique name LifBond Foundation,so as to stand out as a separate entity and to legally ensure that no member will get any financial benefit from it’s operation. We also decided to charge a nominal subscription fee to ensure financial stability and to meet the fund requirements for the improving and broadening of our services .

We strive to be the best non profit matrimonial service provider for the Sri Lankan muslim communities worldwide

Contact Us

  • Bank Details
  • Bank : Peoples Bank
  • Branch : Lucky Plaza
  • Acc No : 331 1001 0000 7076
  • Name : Lifebond Foundation

  • Details on the Payment Terms and Conditions can be found here